#1>> Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Price |Buy Olympus S 013223 Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Best Deals Waterproof up to 45m

Olympus S 013223 Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Prices

Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L

Model: Olympus S-013223 (S-013223)

Technical Functions

  • Waterproof up to 45m
  • Target Light ideal for macro photography
  • Rotary buckle closure design
  • Bundled with a diffuser
  • Two fiber optic cable connectors

You can looking for the best prices and reviews on Olympus S 013223 Underwater Housing PT-EP05L, Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L from our best sellers.

Product Detail

The vibrant colors and endless diversity of aquatic life provide one of the richest photography experiences imaginable. The technology in Olympus Digital Underwater Housings allows divers, from beginner to divemaster, capture worry-free images of unique underwater scenes. Each Olympus housing features a large, responsive shutter button, precision zoom lever, and a tight O-ring main seal with a safety lock. Find the housing that fits your camera, and dive in! Customized for the E-PL3, the lightwe

Olympus S 013223 Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Best Buy

Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L

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10 base on

5 data points.

Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L

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Olympus S 013223 Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Prices

Grace Rodriquez: Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Best Buy, Great Camera, Good Battery Life; Good in Low Light; Large Clear LCD; Fast Shutter Speed; Easy to Use; Great Resolution; Great Zoom; Small / CompactWould recommend this camera to others.

Karen Watson: Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Best Prices, I. Just got this camera as a Christmas gift and I love it. I've been in photography for about 15 years now, and have trouble finding a camera that will be used for birthday parties, play schools, sporting events, etc. I used to haul a full size SLR (Canon AE-1) I refused. the camera up.This is the ideal companion for people who are not ready to give up the 35mm I have no problem downloading the pictures to my computer and so far the battery is OK. Mine came with a rechargeable battery pack. I found the best way to use it is to use the viewfinder instead of the LCD screen and the camera taking pictures after a few shots to conserve memory. Operating instructions are clear and concise and answered most of my questions.I

Ray Charles: Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Best Deals, I really like this unit for about a year. He used to be a pretty good scene modes and of course, it is easy to use. I used it in the rain here and there, and even dropped a few times and it is always good. Then one day in St. John's, I decided to take a shower for a few days … I have a beautiful picture, and then the next day it just stopped working. I have always been supported by the seal and put it in fresh water after I have it in salt water. However, after the first time I used it in salt water, it did not work. I tried to change the battery. (Since I've had it for years), but it became clear that something was wrong. I thought I was in deep water. But it should be good to 10 feet deep, and I could never get more than 2 or 3 feet from the camera, I expect too much $ 180? Wi … but I will not buy another. Although I must say that it is a great little camera lasted.

Mary McNeill: Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L Cheap, This access to it! This has always turned out well and the water / buffer when it is equipped for video 720p myself.The clutz like too much of a good play on the computer .. This night is pretty good too. You will be sure to turn off the flash manually sometimes, otherwise you will not be able to see what's responsibility to remind anything.One. But this is often not clear on the screen. Camera in the first place, so you may want to take a picture of something similar … but I promise you, they tend to turn out better when viewed on a large screen.Ill post some pictures I've taken with camera so you can see for yourself the quality.

Mark Reed: Olympus Underwater Housing PT-EP05L On Sale, I just bought my Olympus Stylus 800 and firstresponse: "It's a little". Honestly, you willbe amazed at that. megapixelcamera. 8 is small and compact, I was blown away I am looking for a digital camera is yearsto) high MegapixelsB) Compact C) and allows you to control the shutter apature speedD) also serves as a point & shoot. Olympus has now anhands amazing device in the bottom of the stylus.



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